Here are are a few of Bruce's favorite links...

Learn about NASA’s effort to build and operate the International Space Station! This is an exciting international effort to operate the world’s largest scientific outpost in space. Recently, NASA has even begun using commercial vendors to deliver cargo to the space station in an effort to help launch a new industry! Check out NASA’s attempts to help “commercialize” space operations here.

In addition to being a performing juggler, Bruce is very interested in the preservation of juggling as both an art form and a sport.  With that in mind, he is a member in good standing in the International Jugglers Association (IJA).  Check it out!

The IJA has a great electronic newsletter called “eJuggle” which has lots of great articles on current and historically jugglers as well as articles on the latest trends in juggling.

Bruce and his wife Alice are avid boaters. They have two 1950’s era Lyman outboard boats built in Sandusky, Ohio. Some great information on Lyman Boats can be found at the Lyman Boat Owner’s Association’s homepage. At right is a photo of their 16.5 ft Lyman built in 1956.

Lyman Boat Owners Association's homepage.

If you are interested in getting a dog, there are numerous ways of using the net to find a family pet.  Check out the ASPCA or the folks at  Bruce and Alice have 3 dogs. All of which either came from a local animal shelter or through Nowegian Elkhound Rescue.

Bruce & Alice have had a great relationship with the Nowegian Elkhound Rescue Service. They have adopted, transported and fostered many dogs through this wonderful organization and have loved every one of the animals they have tried to help.

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